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Page history last edited by Matthew McVeagh 2 years, 8 months ago



Matthew McVeagh's guide to conlangs or constructed languages.


I have initiated a project to create and maintain a database of the world's conlangs. This database will aim to collect as many conlangs as possible in one searchable catalogue, with useful information about them. 


My own conlangs


I have started several conlangs in the past, and have plans for more now.


Conlang links, including:

  • Sites and pages about conlangs in general
  • Documentation websites
  • Discussion sites, forums, social media groups and mailing lists
  • Conscripts - constructed writing systems
  • Pages of links and lists of conlangs

Plus a separate page on coverage of conlanging - essays, media articles, academic research, etc.


Online resources for conlanging:

  • General
  • Guidance
  • Phonology
  • Word creation
  • Dictionary
  • Scripts
  • Other 


Pages/sites for individual conlangs:



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