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Grammar Experiment Suite

Page history last edited by Matthew McVeagh 1 year, 7 months ago

Grammar Experiment Suite


Matthew McVeagh | my conlangs


I'm inspired by the notion of a 'suite' of conlangs created by Jörg Rhiemeier as described on FrathWiki at http://www.frathwiki.com/Suite. "A series of engelangs which explore the effects of varying some parameter in their design" would fit what I'm intending here. I'd like to create a single common phonology and basic lexis and then vary the grammar and word formation for each language in the suite. Each language would focus on a different issue to explore, or I might combine a few in the same language.


Current planned languages in this suite include:

  • 'Vanilla'

    A simple, more naturalistic version of the language, without the extremes of the other versions.

  • Omnitrans

    A language in which all verbs are (mono)transitive – intransitive, ditransitive, copulative verbs are reworked to be transitive.

  • Verbjunct

    No conjunctions – all conjunctional semantic content is affixed to the verb.

  • Inposition

All dependents and particles are incorporated within heads and content morphemes.

  • [unnamed]

    Syntactic argument slots are based directly and transparently on underlying semantic roles, and grammatical marking then mirrors that.

  • Classswitch

    Verbs become nouns and nouns become verbs.



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